Seattle Mountain Bike Trails

November 5th, 2009

One of the best ways to experience the outdoors and arguably one of the funnest things to do in Seattle is to go mountain biking. One of the reasons mountain biking is so great is because it is so accessible. There are numerous trails that are suitable for all types of skill levels. I mean, with the Olympics on one side and the Cascades on the other, the hard part can be actually picking one to ride.

There are many websites out there that can give you a good idea on where to go for some good mountain biking trails, but if you’re interested in some ideas for some good trails right away, you can check out the following (most of these are within 20 minutes of Seattle):

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Tips on Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

August 11th, 2009
Manufacturers are always making mountain bikes better, lighter and cheaper so they are more attractive to consumers. So perhaps you are thinking about buying a mountain bike with full suspension? If so, then here is a list of items you might want to consider before buying a new mountain bike.  Read the rest of this entry »

Cool Las Vegas Bike Trails

May 16th, 2009

Urban Mountain Bike Trail has no signs, no restrooms, no parking and no water fountains. Bikers come to this fifteen acre trail because of the natural wash of rolling sandstone and that the elevation makes for some spectacular rises and fast fall-aways. If you need to park there is parking available only at the neighborhood shopping centers surrounding the trail. You will ride at your own risk, so be careful.

The next bike trail is located in a great place to overlook Las Vegas.  The Red Rock Canyon is 42 miles and has single tracks and a stunning scenery to look at while biking. The trails are very smooth and it does have some difficulty places, but you can always make the most of it and enjoy a great trip. You will pass by the Cottonwood Valley and the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. The trail usually takes two days and the trail is even called the Mustang Trail more places you will see along the trail are the Keystone Thrust Fault, the Black velvet Cliffs and the Fossil Ridge. Take a vacation and travel the Red Rock Canyon Trail. Read the rest of this entry »

Your first Mountain Bike

May 16th, 2009

Buying a mountain bike can be very time consuming and frustrating. Before you purchase a bike you might find it useful to be aware of a few things before you buy.

First, decide on a budget for your endeavor. Set a price range that you would be willing to pay and try to stick as close as possible to that price. In order to receive the best service and best quality bike, it is best to buy from a bicycle shop or dealer rather than a large retail chain store.

After you set your budget, it is time to decide on a style of bike that will best suit your needs. Try to figure out what types of trails you will be riding on the most. You can choose from cross country, racing, smooth riding, mountain cruising, or lift accessed downhill style.

Next, decide if you need a hard tail, meaning no rear suspension, and is lighter and more efficient to pedal. Full suspension offers better control and more overall comfort. One big factor that can help with your final decision goes back to what you decide on for a budget.

Since there is such a wide variety of components on today’s mountain bikes, it is hard to decide on the features which will suit you the best. Fick out a few features that you may definitely want to have on your bike and stick to that. This will ensure that you get more for your money while remaining within your budget.

The price of mountain bikes varies at different times of the year. Spring and Summer are peak buying seasons, but hundreds of dollars can be saved by buying in Fall and Winter. Bike shops will often times offer up free accessories or discounts if you purchase from them. When choosing a dealer to buy from, shop around a little. It is best to have a dealer who is interested more in selling a good product versus trying to make the most money.

Be sure to test ride several bikes before you buy one. Some will feel better when riding than others, and you can make sure that the bike is in good working condition.

A good way to get an idea which bikes are the best overall is by reading product reviews before you begin your search for the perfect bicycle. These reviews can give you the best insight on which bikes have been rated with the best overall performance and reliability.