Cool Las Vegas Bike Trails

May 16th, 2009

Urban Mountain Bike Trail has no signs, no restrooms, no parking and no water fountains. Bikers come to this fifteen acre trail because of the natural wash of rolling sandstone and that the elevation makes for some spectacular rises and fast fall-aways. If you need to park there is parking available only at the neighborhood shopping centers surrounding the trail. You will ride at your own risk, so be careful.

The next bike trail is located in a great place to overlook Las Vegas.  The Red Rock Canyon is 42 miles and has single tracks and a stunning scenery to look at while biking. The trails are very smooth and it does have some difficulty places, but you can always make the most of it and enjoy a great trip. You will pass by the Cottonwood Valley and the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. The trail usually takes two days and the trail is even called the Mustang Trail more places you will see along the trail are the Keystone Thrust Fault, the Black velvet Cliffs and the Fossil Ridge. Take a vacation and travel the Red Rock Canyon Trail.

River Mountain Trail is the next bike trail. This trail is thirty five miles long and twenty fore feet in width and surrounds the River Mountains that connect to lake Mead National Recreation Area. This trail also connects to the Hoover Dam, Henderson, and Boulder City. You will experience scenic views and wonderful wildlife. You can go about your leisure along this trial and enjoy the great desert.

Now the Blue Diamond Mountain Bike Trail has very nice single tracks in the desert. This trail is very firm and has some twisty parts to it. You will also see incredible views of Las Vegas as well. Make sure to take water along the trail because no water fountains will be found along this trail. There is a bike shop near by where you are able to pick up a map of the trail and you can even rent bikes there also. You are also allowed to park you car at the bike shop and make sure to bring water along so you do not dehydrate yourself.

The fifth bike trail in Las Vegas is the Cottonwood Valley North Mountain Bike Trail. This trail has lots of rocks in the sandstone and steep drop offs so be careful and go at your own risk. The scenery consist of scrubs, cactus and Joshua trees. While heading back to your car on the trail you can look down on Las Vegas. On your way back it is very fast down through a ravine. Make sure to bring water along.

Las Vegas has amazing bike trails.

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